Our design-led approach enables us to be a key Partner in your Digital transformation strategy. Not only do we build it, our marketing gurus, PR experts and UX designers are on-hand to bring your projects to market.

We are a full-service Digital Agency, catering for all the Marketing, Advertising and Mobile App Development and Cloud App Development requirements of our Clients. Our processes usually start off at the Concept & Design stage and include Strategic Planning, Production, Creativity, Innovation as well as Interactive Marketing Services.


We start by listening to each of our Clients’ primary requirement, their objectives, their concerns and their timelines. We analyse each aspect of their business and processes. We formalise a project roadmap, educate our Clients along the way, then execute with precision, passion, skill and creativity. Collaboration is key in ensuring success in every project.


There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. We don’t believe in selling a marketing service designed to work for anybody. We take projects on a case-by-case basis, consult extensively with each Client, adapting a unique strategy to serve each individual Client’s needs.

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As important as strategy is, we have to execute to win. Execution involves every employee and every relation we have with our customers. Phantom listened and built an automation platform that met our every business requirement.
Olivia Darren
Project Manager
We needed to go to market in 3 months. We had an idea, and that was it. Referred to us by one of our Clients, Phantom designed, developed and launched our mobile project within our 3 months. WOW. Would highly recommend these guys.
Connor Rashford
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