Business owners across the world have been using Facebook to market their business since the inception of a business page within the Facebook organization. And why wouldn’t they? Facebook is one of the very few platforms in the world that allows you to reach people in almost every continent of the world. You can promote your business through various means which can be placed in the two broad categories of “paid” and “free” marketing.

 But within these two categories lies an entire universe, or rather metaverse, of options. Choosing the right option for your specific business can be a daunting task due to the various options and their unique applications which aren’t a “one-size-fits-all solution”. Instead, you have to be careful when taking any action to promote or market your business on Facebook. This is because sometimes, your content can have unintended effects when done poorly.

1. Build a Facebook page for your Business

Before you go about deciding the kind of content you want on your business page, you need to establish an online presence and announce to the world that you’re officially open for business. And the best way to do that besides holding a large opening party is to set up your own Facebook page. The process is fairly simple;

  • Open your Facebook profile
  • At the top of the page, select ‘create’ and then choose ‘page’
  • Give your business page a name
  • Enter miscellaneous details

And there you have it, you’ve opened a Facebook page for your business. Although, there might be a few various details that you might have to take care of such as your cover photo, etc. But once you have established a Facebook Page for your business, then you will find that there are several benefits to having a digital presence. The first advantage is that it would be free. And the second benefit is that you will be able to post content and interact with your viewers and followers regarding their opinions of the content.

2. Use Facebook Groups to their full potential

Now that you’ve created a profile for your business that can be considered as the voice of your business, you must now embark on a journey filled with multiple emotions. You must join Facebook groups. As many as you can.

The reason behind this is that Facebook has allowed people to form international communities based on their interests. And chances are that at least one of those interests aligns itself with the nature of your business.

To better understand this, try thinking about your business and the kind of people that associate themselves with your product or service. If you offer adventure tours, then your target audiences could range from adrenaline junkies to college students on vacation. On occasion it may even include newly married couples on their honeymoon.

Point being, that the best way to interact with your audiences is to find them. And what better way than finding a group of people who all have the same interest as you’re looking for.

Another reason to use Facebook Groups

While these groups are certainly useful for connecting businesses with willing clientele, there is another benefit that is sadly the most neglected. Facebook groups connect people, with no prejudice aside from their interests. Which is why is one of the most perfect places to connect with businesses that offer services or products which would complement yours.

Another benefit of Facebook groups is that many businesses can find strategic partners across the world that can help in making that business more efficient. Many businesses even collaborate with strategic partners online to mutually boost brand awareness in the public by mentioning each other on individual Facebook Feeds.

3. Automate a Blog with your Page

Once you’ve connected with enough people through Facebook groups and other methods, you’re ready to not only listen, but speak too. If you’ve managed to gather a significant following of people who actively connect with your business, then the smartest step to take is to start rolling out your own content on a weekly basis.

Using a simple WordPress website, you can start your blog with a registered domain. Once you’ve managed that, your business can start interacting with people on a larger scale using a blog that you automate to be posted on your Facebook page. This will allow you to subtly inform your audience about a product or service that you provide yourself or endorse. Although, there are other sources of revenue associated with running a blog such as affiliate marketing and ad revenue.

But the main point should always be; to establish a community of supporters who identify themselves with your brand. By doing so, you will be able to promote your business through those followers who will use the most powerful marketing tool ever made; word-of-mouth.

4. Use Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are a great way to promote any new products or service features and to encourage sales for your business directly through Facebook. They allow you to create a tailored message and send it to a specific audience so that conversion rates are at their highest possible.

Facebook Ads allow you to target audiences based on various demographic factors such as age, gender, income, location, interests, and even behaviors and recent purchases. But Facebook Ads can be customized even more extensively. This is because Facebook Ads hold categories within themselves. Ads can be in the form of image, video, stories, slideshows, and several others. Another way that Facebook Ads can be customized is based on your business objectives. These objectives could range from brand awareness campaigns to lead generation campaigns and everything in between. Add to that the fact that Facebook is one of the oldest and largest online social platforms and you have a great recipe for promoting your business with paid Facebook ads.

5. Post Video Content

In the last few decades, video content has gained immense popularity. With nearly every business using some digital marketing agency or the other to help them create video content. Of course, at a certain point many content creators choose to create real-life video content by producing and directing it themselves. However, there are also many businesses that outsource video creation to certain animation companies. And although the choice is yours, our recommendation for a video animation company is Animation Iconix. Thanks to their reputation and the positive reviews of their previous clientele, we’ve concluded that this is one of the companies that can help businesses gain traction by creating engaging animated video content.

6. Go Live Regularly


Just as doctors recommend a regular and healthy amount of exercise, we recommend going live to interact with customers and other portions of your audience. This allows them to see your business as a relatable thing that is down to earth rather than seeing it as another corporate organization. But just like exercise, you shouldn’t overdo it. Many social media influencers find that going live once or twice a week is a good amount as it gives your business the opportunity to engage your audience without being around all the time.

This tactic should help increase your brands value in front of your audience by coming off as a fun-loving business that is free from corporate ruthlessness. What’s more, if you’re considering promoting a product then going live with it might be the perfect way to introduce it to your audience.

Listen to your Audience

While this may be considered highly conventional, many businesses just don’t do it enough. Listening to the audience to find their honest opinions is one of the biggest advantages of going live. You can ask questions, clarify your own views and even interact with other strategic partners to promote your business.

Although data analytics is extremely helpful in this regard, listening to the voices of your audience in a one-on-one situation can be much more insightful for the right entrepreneur. Data can only tell you what your audience did or didn’t do, but listening to them can give you some knowledge about why they did or did not take a specific action.

Host Giveaways

Since you’re already going live, one of the best promotional methods since the dawn of marketing has been a free sample. In the old days, it would happen in the middle of a mall, on a stage. But these days, giveaways can be very useful tools in driving free engagement to your business page, which is why this must be considered at least once every 6 months.